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Process Stabilization

Basically APC technologies and applications are applied to stabilize and to improve processes. Therefore, Data Collection, Data Analysis and the interpretation of process-, product-, sensor-, and quality data is required to detect process deviation impacting the product quality.

Offline and Online (real time) Analysis

The ultimate objective is to identify within a production chain as fast as possible deviations and to “adjust”, “fix” and “optimize” the process or the root cause, exactly in the right moment at the right place.

Lower Costs and higher Yield

Based on these results faults, yields, throughput (OEE), maintenance costs (costs of ownership) and last but not least the product quality will be influenced positively. The more production steps involved, the difficulty to find the contributing factors and their correlations is increasing. APC technologies are providing the required applications and methodologies to identify these process deviations efficiently and they help to support to start the right corrective actions.