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openAPC Foundation White Paper


openAPC Foundation Executive Summary (Presentation) (pdf, 1.336KB)
SPC & FDC Application note (presented during the AEC/APC Europe Conference, April 2010) (pdf, 1.349KB)
Talk presentation Eclipse Summit  (presented during the Eclipse Summit, 2010) (pdf, 1.562KB)

Product Documentation

User Manual (pdf, 1.961KB)
Demo Application (available by October 30th, 2010)
Open Source Sources available at SourceForge (available by October 30th, 2010)


Application Form for new members (pdf, 207KB)
Aufnahmeantrag für neue Mitglieder (pdf, 255KB)
Download EPL OS License (pdf, 174KB)
Articles of Association (pdf, 1.224KB)